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Last Updated: 2021-01-23


MyCrypto is one of the world's leading interfaces for the Ethereum blockchain. We strive to provide the most secure, usable, and non-custodial experiences for crypto-asset management.

We strongly believe that decentralization through blockchains can enable a fairer interaction between people. But not everyone has the time or resources to navigate all the quirks of the crypto space and DeFi. MyCrypto solves this by focusing on user experience and gives everyone the ability to manage their digital assets in a non-custodial manner. At the same time, we are acutely aware that this is only possible if the tools we use are secure enough to protect the individual from theft and privacy invasion.

Each decision we make seeks to strike the proper balance between these elements to make the promise of Web3 a reality today.


Our core product is available at We also maintain legacy versions for older operating systems and run several community-focused tools, such as CryptoScamDB and FindETH.

Life at MyCrypto

We're a distributed (remote) team 🚀 with core operations based in Los Angeles. We have team members in more than five countries, across three continents.

Our team is composed of unique and talented individuals, with different backgrounds and experiences. We are proud of this diversity and believe everyone can add value to all aspects of our company. We encourage everyone to grow both personally and professionally.

We move fast and encourage autonomy. This means you are responsible for managing your time and priorities. We are constantly tweaking our processes and tools to make remote life better.

All positions begin as a full-time contractor. If we work well together, the role can evolve into a full-time position and eventually we may offer equity (even for those located outside the US).

Unique perks are available for those who are part of our team full-time, regardless of contractor or employee status. We actively participate in industry events around the world, we'll help you bank your stem cells, run your nodes, brew your coffee, or save you from a SIM Swap.


We invite anyone who is interested in working with us to email us at and pitch yourself and your unique skills and experiences. As a small team working in a fast-paced environment, we are always looking to add people to our team who want to build the decentralized future, are willing to wear multiple hats, and have a desire to grow our products and offerings.